The Blue Nile Falls (Tis Issat)

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Originating in Lake Tana and contributing to arguably the greatest river in the world, the Blue Nile tumbles over the Tis Issat Falls. 

Literally translating to “Smoke Water”, it is easy to see how Tis Issat Falls got its name when you witness it in full flow, crashing over the 400 m wide lip and down the 45 m plunge. 

The falls are about an hour ride from Bahar Dar on the shore of Lake Tana. On your way be sure to keep your eyes open for the endemic flora and fauna that color your trek to the falls.

Sundays are the very best time to visit the Blue Nile Falls. Due to the construction of a dam and power plant between the falls and its source at the lake, the flow of the falls is throttled during the weekdays. Only on Sundays will you find it close to its original glory.


  • Tigray


  • Sundays 


  • One of the greatest falls in Africa.

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