Simien Mountains National Park ሰሜን ብሄራዊ ፓርክ

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This Unesco World Heritage site is one of Africa’s most beautiful ranges. Its high plateaus, staggering cliffs, and huge gorges offer plenty of breath-taking spots to take in the view of the lowlands, ravines, and ancient volcanic necks. The landscape, shaped by nature and traditional agriculture, always fill visitors from Ethiopia and abroad with awe.

This sense of wonder and awe is instilled in every visitor who encounters the jaw-dropping panoramas and fascinating wildlife they will have never seen before.


Whether you visit for an afternoon to stroll down the hundred year old paths and take in the picturesque scenery, or you crave the adventure of a week-long trek, The Simien Mountains National Park will surely not disappoint.

The Simien Mountains National Park is home to Ethiopia’s highest mountain, Ras Dashen, at 4543m. Ras Dashen (or Ras Dejen) is one of many of the Simien Mountains dramatic peaks, formed about 40 million years ago by volcanic eruptions that left volcanic necks.

June to September are the rainiest months and trails become slippery and views obscured by the weather.  But, in October, after the rain has mostly finished, the scenery is spectacularly green and you can catch the last of the wildflowers that started blooming in August. The ivory-colored Abyssinian rose, an Ethiopian endemic, which blooms March to May.

December to March the driest time to visit and is the best time for hiking.

Ready to plan your trip?


  • North Gondar in Amhara Region


  • October - March


  • Unesco World Heritage Site
  • Wildlife and bird watching
  • Breathtaking views

main attractions:

  • Gelada Monkeys
  • Camping and hiking
  • Ras Dashen (highest mountain in Ethiopia, 10th highest in Africa)


The Simien Mountains are brimming with interesting and rare endemic wildlife, including the the walia ibex, the gelada monkey and the elusive Ethiopian wolf. You may also find other large mammals like rock hyraxes, jackals, Menelik’s bushbucks, klipspringers, and leopards.

The gelada monkey is a protected species that is only found only in the Simien Moutains. They live in groups of one hundred or more, and are generally used to tourists approaching within a few meters to take photos. 

The Ethiopian wolf is extremely rare, with counts of only 50 living in the Simiens and only 4000 in all of Ethiopia. To see one is to count yourself extremely lucky, as they are the most rare canid (dog family) in the world. 

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